Friday, November 26, 2010

Kennedy School McMenamins

Get ready for a peculiar experience at Northeast Portland’s Kennedy School McMenamins. Don’t get me wrong, I mean peculiar in the funky, out of the ordinary, eclectic sense.

A few weeks ago, I made plans to have dinner and catch up with an old friend. He happens to know the Portland area a lot better than I (having gone to school at PSU for two years) and so I told him to pick the place.

He drives us to a residential part of town, pulls over and says, “We’re here.” I ask him, “Where is it?” and he says, “Right in front of you!” It was bizarre. The Mcmenamins was in an old renovated school!

We walked in and it was like a museum! Well actually, it is a hotel with a restaurant, detention room, old auditorium, soaking pool, gift shop, and brewery. The guestrooms are modeled from former classrooms! After a bit of exploring, we made our way past the historic art in the hallways to the Courtyard restaurant to order dinner.

I ordered the Communication Breakdown Burger that comes with cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers along with a pint of McMenamins seasonal Sleepy Hallow Nut Brown Brew. This seasonal blend was so absolutely delicious that I ordered two.

The Courtyard restaurant had a warm and cozy atmosphere that encouraged us to stay and chat long after we had finished our meals. When we left the restaurant feeling warm and fuzzy, we decided to stick around for a bit and check out the upbeat live music with dancing in the old auditorium.

The McMenamins Kennedy School brewery is a place I will definitely be going back to and has me wanting to check out the other McMenamins locations to see what they have in store.

Kennedy School McMenamins
5736 NE 33rd Ave
Portland, OR 97211

Daily: 7am-1am

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