Saturday, January 22, 2011

Berbati's Pan & Restaurant

I had a very interesting experience with Berbati’s Pan & Restuarant. I was simply looking for restaurants to explore in Portland and I came across Berbati’s Pan. The website said it had art shows and live music so I checked the calendar. I saw that Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony was playing that same night! I called up my friends, bought tickets, and made plans to go to the show.

We showed up at Berbati’s Pan and it was empty. There were maybe three people in the back playing pool, and two people at the bar. For a second, I thought I might have had the wrong night for the show. When I went to a Bone Thugs show in Seattle, the line extended down the block and around the corner to get in. I guess I was just expecting the same excitement in Portland.

I asked the guy behind the bar what the deal was and he said the entrance to the show was around back. At that point, I was just thankful I hadn’t bought tickets and invited my friends to a show that wasn’t happening. We headed out the front doors and took a turn down an alley way to “the back.” That’s when we started hearing loud bass vibrating the walls of the place. Then we saw the line. Phew!

The venue was small and the acoustics were a little off but it was still an epic show. I was right up front, on top of the stage, and was able to get some great pictures and videos. The place was packed so we couldn’t get drinks mid-show unless we wanted to lose our spots, but the venue had a bar serving local brews on tap and mixed drinks.

After the show we had some Greek fries at Berbati’s Pan & Restaurant. While I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I can’t be too sure what I think about the actual restaurant and bar. The fries were tasty… but I don’t know if I would ever actually grab a drink or a meal there without having an alternative purpose for being there (such as the Bone Thugs show).

Berbati's Pan & Restaurant
213 SW Ankeny St
Portland, OR 97204

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