Wednesday, September 7, 2011

French Martini

This summer while I was in NYC I took a 40-hour course at NYC Bartending School to receive my Bartender’s Certification. I worked in a full bar where I was required to make all sorts of shots, specialty martinis, manhattans, shaken drinks, and muddled drinks to name a few. I also had lectures on all kinds of spirits, liqueurs, wines, beers, whiskeys, and bourbons.

My class was in the evening from 6pm to 10pm everyday for 2 weeks. After class I would enjoy going out to the bars with friends/classmates and ordering the most obscure drink combinations made during that night’s session to see if the Bartender knew what to do. (One Bartender didn’t even know what a Cuba Libra was! Fail.)

Some Bartenders were terrible. But some were incredible! The good ones would put their own personality into the drinks. Most drinks had subtle variations in flavors, proportions, or glassware depending on the bar or lounge we would go to. But each good bartender we encountered could whip up a drink quickly in front of us, paying close attention to detail, and present us our drinks as if they were a million bucks. 

I am not a very big drinker but the Bartender’s course encouraged me to branch out and try different drinks, some of which I’d never heard of before. At graduation I received my certification as well as my own Bartender’s kit with pour spouts to make drinks at home!

My latest concoction was a French Martini. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I used to enjoy these all the time at Lucky Strike and was required to make them during my Bartender’s course to receive my certification. I’ve made them for my parents, my boyfriend, and others… and they all thought it was absolutely delightful, but then again it could have just been my own special certified touch…  

French Martini Recipe

Fill shaker with ice
Pour in 10 oz Grey Goose (Grey Goose is French Vodka)
Pour in 2 oz Chambord (Chambord is French Liqueur)
Fill an ~inch from top with Pineapple juice
Strain into martini glass
I like to add the rind of a lemon to get the ‘effervescent’ scent of fresh lemons…


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  1. Hey, that venue looks familiar! :-)
    Nice drinks. They were indeed delightful!