Friday, June 29, 2012

Cafe Presse

Café Presse brings Parisian café classics to Capitol Hill. They open early at 7am and stay open late until 2am. Seattleites can enjoy a steamy cup of coffee in the morning, (before it’s socially acceptable to start drinking) watch a soccer game on the big screens with friends on the weekends, and peruse the abundantly stocked newsstand that includes a wide variety of magazines and newspapers.

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And then it becomes time for brunch… my favorite meal of the day!

Brunch at Café Presse is exquisite including menu items such as Pain au Chocolat (bittersweet chocolate melted on baguette), Croque Monsieur (baked ham, gruyere and béchamel sandwich), and Oeufs Plats, Jambon, Fromage (two eggs broiled with ham and gruyere) to name a few.

The owners of Café Presse, Jim Drohman and Joanne Herron, also own Le Pichet in Pike Place Market. Jim and Joanne have both spent a significant amount of time in France and are in the business of bringing the French culture to Seattle through savory Perisian classics and wine. Café Presse is a place to enjoy throughout the day from a coffee and croissant in the morning to brunch and a cocktail midday to a dinner and drink until bars close at 2am.

Photo Taken From: Justin Wieder on urbanspoon

1117 12th Avenue

Seattle, Washington 98122


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